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10 Reasons Kids Love Getting Adjusted!

November 4, 2017

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10 Reasons Kids Love Getting Adjusted!

November 4, 2017


1. Superhero Posture!  Illuminate kids stand head straight, heart open, facing the world head on, ready for the next adventure!
2. Superhero Immunity!  Getting adjusted helps kids get better quicker and build a stronger immunity!
3. Superhero Brains! Getting adjusted makes it easier to focus, do homework, pay attention in class, learn and concentrate!
4. Superhero Power!  Illuminate kids stay connected to the power within while supporting healthy self confidence, self love and self esteem! 
5. Superhero Adaptation! Illuminate kids get adjusted so that they can better adapt to all the chemical stressors (toxins) in the environment, foods and products.  
6. Superhero Athletic Powers! Illuminate kids love playing sports and getting adjusted helps them play the best they can by keeping their body balanced, strong and healthy (just likes the pros!).
7. Superhero Fun!  Illuminate kids love getting adjusted because it feels great and supports a strong sense of community, empowerment and love! 
8. Superhero Alignment! Illuminate kids are aligned to express their full unique genius potential! 
9. Superhero Energy!  Illuminate kids have more energy to feel happy! 
10. Superhero Brain & Nerve Development!  Illuminate kids are vibrant because their nervous system is healthy and strong! 


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