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Dr. Sura Al-Shibib, D.C.

Holistic Family Chiropractor

Dr. Sura, a native New Yorker, knows firsthand the joys and stressors of living in New York and is honored to help children and families enjoy greater health and wellbeing in her Manhattan location. She received her doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West.  She uses Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI), a very specific and gentle Chiropractic approach based on the sacred geometry of the body.  This approach allows for a combination of light touches and gentle structural adjustments to release stored tension patterns throughout the body from both a physical and energetic perspective allowing the body to heal on many levels.  


Dr. Sura has done extensive training and post-graduate work in pediatrics and pre and post natal care.  She is ICPA-certified in the Webster Technique.  In addition, she trained as a Doula at the Natural Birth Institute. Dr. Sura is passionate about adjusting, supporting and empowering mothers throughout their pregnancies and helping babies come into this beautiful world naturally. 

Above all, she is committed to helping individuals and families live the healthiest, brightest and happiest life possible through Chiropractic.