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Hello & Welcome!


True healing comes from within. Everything you need to be happy, joyful and vibrantly healthy is inside of you. Chiropractic is based upon this vitalistic principle and in helping you be clear of any interference in your nervous system so your body can function with great ease, freedom and vitality.  


My own personal experience with Chiropractic inspired me to help individuals and families this way. The more I got adjusted, the more I began to experience the feeling of being clear and connected.  The more ease I experienced in my body, the better I was able to communicate with the amazing wisdom within me. I gave up my stressful lifestyle choices, unhealthy relationships and embraced things that made my body feel good - getting adjusted, yoga, exercise, meditation, juicing, hiking, healthy relationships and a fulfilling career.  


In finding my own power to heal, I found my one true passion - helping people connect to their true Self within their body.  I love what I do. Chiropractic is such a gift to the world and I am so honored, excited and grateful to share this amazing gift with you.


One of the most miraculous experiences for me through this work has been being able to be witness the mind, body, heart and spirit connection and how many of our symptoms are truly calls from our innate wisdom to re-align, re-organize and connect with the amazing power within.


Every day I am inspired by the extraordinary children and families I am able to serve.  Come in and let us see if Chiropractic can help you.  


I want to warmly welcome you to our office and I look forward to caring for you and your family.  


See you on the adjusting table.


Dr. Sura 

Dr. Sura is honored to serve holistic family care with a speciality in pediatrics and pregnancy.