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Illuminate is a Chiropractic Center focusing on providing everyone with an exceptional Chiropractic experience in a fun, loving and sacred space.

The purpose of Illuminate is to help you, your family and our community align to the power within to heal, be healthy and live a happier and brighter life.    


Illuminate serves an exceptional Chiropractic experience in order for individuals to be clear of nervous system interference and free to express greater health and wellbeing. Illuminate seeks to support our community in living a holistic lifestyle while empowering people to trust, connect and stay connected to the innate power within.  


The vision of Illuminate Chiropractic & Family Wellness is the evolution of a more conscious and loving planet through the healing of individuals and communities through Chiropractic care. As you heal, the world heals and as you grow brighter, the world brightens. Together, we are lighting up the world.  An illuminated world, begins with you.






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Dr. Sura is not your typical chiropractor.  She is a very special healer and genuinely has your best interest at heart. I came to her looking for help with a pinched lower back and chronic migraines.  I was literally in awe.  She has helped me so much physically. I feel strong again and I am able to do more and more at the gym and at yoga. But a wonderful bonus about her is that she’s so intuitive and loving that if you are open to it she helps you emotionally and spiritually as well.  She’s a part of my weekly routine. I feel very very blessed to have found her!!!  My husband goes to her regularly and loves her too!

Founder Beyond Beauty

Brigett Brown


Dr. Sura is the best. She's a wonderful, warm and professional chiropractor who excels at healing the mind as well as the body. She tailors each visit to your needs at that particular time, so you are not just going through the motions. I'd recommend her to anyone, and she's helped me a lot.

Advertising Creative

Benny Goldman


Dr. Sura goes beyond the typical chiropractor / patient relationship, and she helps people truly understand what the mind-body connection means, on a really deep level. Her adjustments are powerful both physically and emotionally, leading to true and long lasting transformation for her patients. I would recommend Dr.Sura to anyone and everyone looking for true transformation and healing!

CEO & Founder

Georgina Narich

Before Dr. Sura, I had never heard of or considered chiropractic before. And now that I've begun, I can't imagine my life without it. Beyond being incredibly kind, intuitive, encouraging, and gentle, Dr. Sura's healing energy, words, and hands have helped me move through some of the most difficult moments and thought-patterns in my life. Every week I look forward to and savor the moments in her office, and am grateful beyond words that I have her in my life. I can't recommend Dr. Sura enough!

Writer, Advertising

Gracie Halpern


Chiropractic with Dr. Sura is the best gift I've ever given myself. Dr. Sura helped me stay connected to my body. She helped me breath deeper, feel more and see clearer. She made sure I felt supported and grounded when it felt like my whole world was up in the air. She gave me perspective. She showed me compassion. She helped me figure out where I was blocked then helped me confront it strait on. And the most magical things happened when I did. Those minutes in her office each week are the gift that keep on giving. Every session left me feeling a little lighter and a little more me.

Writer & Adventurist

Stephanie Najor

Dr. Sura is positive, funny, kind, real and intuitive and her sessions were always the best part of my day. A true healer and teacher.

Senior Brand Strategist 

Clara Freeman


From the second I met Dr. Sura, I had complete trust in her ability, her power, and energy. She dedicates so much to each individual patient, you can actually feel the love and heart she puts into guiding you on the path of self love and a full body, mind spirit connection. In just a matter of weeks, I have seen so many changes in myself; physically, mentally, and above all emotionally. Her work has lead me on a path of getting in touch with a side of myself that has been buried for so many years. A truer, purer, whole self. I am so fortunate to have her as a chiropractor, healer, teacher and guide." 

Executive Producer 

Jacquelyn James

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I had never seen a chiropractor before and thought it would just help me with posture and body aches. Dr. Sura has helped me on so many different levels, truly holistic (as much as I think that word is overused), and has supported me in achieving my career and personal goals. I always look forward to my sessions and walk away feeling terrific!


Beau Karch


I came to Dr. Sura in tears, with razor sharp back spasms and very little hope of ever getting better. I learned (within minutes of seeing her smiling face) that I was really there because my pain went way beyond the physical. Dr. Sura has helped me reconnect to my inner self, encouraging me to feel all my feels and making me a much healthier woman, wife and friend.

Product Manager

Katie Miller


Do yourself a favor and make an appointment to see Dr. Sura. She's the best chiropractor I've ever been to. She has a profound sensitivity to the what's going on in your body and she rebalances it so you can feel better, not only physically but emotionally as well. Being treated by her is a personal experience where your concerns will be heard and addressed.

Author & Psychotherapist 

Dr. Susan Plunket


Dr. Sura is amazing!!! I received adjustments 2-3 times a week while I was pregnant and I'm certain she is one of the reasons why I had the type of birth experience that I was hoping to have. I would recommend her to anyone....and I'm even contemplating driving from Massachusetts to NY to get adjusted. She's that good!!!

Director of Partnerships

Courtney Mullins

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I'm feeling healthier in mind, body, and spirit than I have in years.  Blessed to have found Illuminate Chiropractic.

President, Music Company

Andrew Stadleberger

My experience with Sura was nothing less than transformative. She is an extremely knowledgeable chiropractor and intuitive practitioner, under whose care I was able to overcome my previous physical and mental limitations. Sura is an incredibly talented doctor who has this profound ability to not only promote one’s physical liberation but also to enhance one’s sense of peace.

Singer & Artist

Lisa Bodner 


I highly appreciate Dr. Sura and how she cares for her patients. She is a very knowledgeable chiropractor, and more importantly, a blessed healer. 

Spiritual Leader

Jagjit Singh


This work changed my life. Dr. Sura is a beautiful and gifted human being and chiropractor. She is gentle, kind, and knows exactly how to adjust the physical body and energies. She has an innate ability to sense, feel and heal and can move mountains in minutes.  

Through my powerful work with her, I learned to reconnect with myself, my body, and spirit. I saw her weekly for almost 1 year. She brought me back to my life. I changed in such a way that I  have the deepest gratitude and recommend her to anyone who will listen. Thank you Sura!

Yoga Teacher

Liz Weinstein

I practice and teach yoga regularly, and I am a big proponent of holistic healing. I used to need a massage every 10 days to 2 weeks, but since starting to see Sura, I rarely need them now! My body is reorganizing and learning how to heal itself. And the healing is far from just physical. Sura has a beautiful spirit and a big heart, and it comes through in her treatments. She is a true healer, and her passion for her work is tangible in the sessions. I look forward to each session, and I always leave feeling a little more whole.

Chef & Yoga Teacher 

Lena Elkousy


After my initial consultation, I started on my treatment program immediately. After about 4-5 months, I noticed that my daily anxieties had pretty much disappeared. Also, before I even noticed the major differences in my own health and attitude, my husband had already noticed it tenfold. He witnessed how my confidence soared and how much happier I became also. And it moved him to become a client as well. Her unique mix of chiropractic and holistic therapies is what sets her apart from all other practitioners we've seen. And we love bringing our 5-year old daughter for adjustments as well!

Director, Music Licensing 

Julie Hwang

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Sura is a gifted chiropractor, teacher and healer. She has led me through a period of major transition and I feel very lucky to have her guidance and wisdom. Working with her has led to foundational physical and mental change.

Graduate Student 

Annie Kate

Dr. Sura's adjustments are gentle, effective, loving and deftly wise. Her support goes beyond chiropractic care and blends healing, intuitive guidance, and deep wisdom.

Owner, Lunessa Jewelry

Elise Perelman