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Chiropractic helps facilitate an easier and safer birth.





-Dr. Sura

Pregnancy and birth is a natural process and one of the most powerful times in a woman's life.  The body undergoes many changes to help the body adapt as the little baby grows inside.   Women love getting chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy because it is nurturing, feels wonderful and most important of all, keeps their body, mind and spirit aligned for the healthiest and happiest pregnancy and birth possible.   


Expected results include:




Decreased back, neck, pelvic and pubic pain

Decreased labor time

Better movement, function and sleep

Increased ease as body changes

Increased mental clarity

Increased ease and comfort during pregnancy, labor and birth

Pelvic alignment for optimal positioning for baby

Increased pelvic space for greater ease during labor and delivery

A greater awareness and connection to one's changing body

Increased feelings of peace and calm

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