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Within each and every person, is an innate intelligence that gives us life.


The intelligence that created our bodies from two cells, today operates all the functions of our body through our nervous system.


Our nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves in our body.   Interference in our nervous system is called subluxation.  This is an area in the spine where there is fixation and nervous system interference. Subluxations are caused from the body's inability to adapt to some type of emotional, chemical or physical stress.  


Any interference in our nervous system, disconnects our brain and body connection.  When we are disconnected on the inside, it becomes more challenging to be healthy, to think clearly, to feel joyful and express our true potential.  The more interference in our nervous system, the less we are able to adapt to the daily stressors of life.  We may literally feel like our life force has been zapped away or even worse, we may be so disconnected that we cant even tell how stressed our nervous system is.  


The more we get adjusted, the more ease we experience in our spines and in our life.  When our nervous system is clear of interference through Chiropractic adjustments, our brain and body are able to function with ease, clarity and vitality.  


The more connected you are within, the better you look, feel, think, act and more able you are to share the gift of who you are with the world.