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December 24, 2017

End the year in a bang with Dr. Sura's guideline for an end of the year review - one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself to prepare for the new year! 

Set aside some private time where you will not be distracted or disturbed. Allow yourself the opportunity to ge...

November 4, 2017

1. Superhero Posture!  Illuminate kids stand head straight, heart open, facing the world head on, ready for the next adventure!

2. Superhero Immunity!  Getting adjusted helps kids get better quicker and build a stronger immunity!

3. Superhero Brains! Getting ad...

October 15, 2017

Often times as our body adapts to the changing seasons, our body will express health in a way we don't usually consider healthy - getting sick.  As we our nose runs, we sneeze, we cough, and have a fever - our body's intelligence is working hard to burn off the sicknes...

September 7, 2017

It was an honor and privilege to be on the recent episode of "The Artful Chiropractor" podcast.  Here I discuss the foundation to personal power through loving yourself, uncovering negative beliefs, mind training and the ego vs. love.  I also share the journey of the i...

August 2, 2017

Jeanne Ohm, DC, in an interview at the Freedom for Family Wellness Summit in Washington, DC, in October 2010.  Dr. Ohm is the executive director of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and the executive editor of Pathways to Family Wellness magazine.

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10 Reasons Kids Love Getting Adjusted!

November 4, 2017

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