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Did you know that during the first year of life, the human spine will grow and develop more than it will at any other time in life! The spine will lengthen by 50%  in just the first year of life. In addition, the spine will go from being in a "C" shape to developing curves to support the movement, weight and function of the body. Chiropractic adjustments during the first year of life, support the alignment, balance and symmetry of the body as the spine grows and curvatures develop.  A body that is aligned, is given the opportunity to grow aligned - in perfect balance, function and health.  

-Dr. Sura


Chiropractic supports the milestones of the 1st year.

There are many significant milestones in the 1st year of the babies life.  The baby will learn to hold their head up (developing the cervical curve in the neck).  The baby will learn how to sit up, crawl and walk (developing the lumbar curve in the low back).  All of these important milestones affect the spinal alignment and are important times to have an appointment for chiropractic care.  


A clear & connected nervous system.

The nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord and send messages throughout the body to the function of every organ, muscle, and tissue.  Physical, chemical and emotional stressors in the first year of life, can all cause interference in the communication of the nervous system - what chiropractors call "subluxation".  Everything the baby does like laughing, eating, digesting food, playing, blinking, thinking, talking, and even the heart beating - are all information processed through the nervous system.  Chiropractic adjustments release these areas of stored tension, re-align the body and create a solid foundation for a healthy, happy and bright life.  


Pediatric Chiropractic is safe, gentle & fun.

Babies and children are adjusted very differently then adults.  We use a combination of gentle light touch techniques to facilitate greater ease and expression in the body's of infants and children.  Babies and Children love getting adjusted and usually ask their parents to come to the chiropractor after they have experienced it!  We hear often from parents, that their children experience greater health, energy and joy while under regular chiropractic care.