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Yes, birth is powerful, beautiful and a true testament to the miracle of Life.  But birth is also stressful for the infant. It is very common for babies to experience some type of cranial and/or nervous system trauma from all the forces (the yanking, squeezing, twisting, pulling, and pushing) during the birth process. Even the slightest misalignment (subluxation), can be detrimental to the health and development of the baby.  This can later cause many behavioral, developmental and health challenges in life that could easily have been prevented through pediatric chiropractic care.  

- Allergies

- Asthma

- Breastfeeding and latching issues

- Chronic infections

- Constipation

- Colic

- Digestive stress

- Ear aches

- Irritability

- Reflux

- Sleep disturbances

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Common symptoms of subluxations in infants include:




Chiropractic adjustments free up interference in the nervous system which often results in the relief of symptoms, such as those mentioned above.  However, It is important to understand that chiropractic does not treat conditions or symptoms.  


Rather chiropractic addresses and adjusts the root of the cause, supporting the healthy function of the nervous system , which allows the body the optimal opportunity to heal from within.  


We encourage all our families to have their newborns checked for subluxation (nervous system interference). Not all subluxations are symptomatic therefore it is imperative that all newborns be checked for subluxation by a chiropractor.