928 Broadway Suite 904

(Between 21st & 22nd St)

New York, NY 10010


Tel: 646-535-0710

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Illuminate is a Chiropractic Center focusing on providing everyone with an exceptional Chiropractic experience in a fun, loving and sacred space.

The purpose of Illuminate is to help you, your family and our community align to the power within to heal, be healthy and live a happier and brighter life.    


Illuminate serves an exceptional Chiropractic experience in order for individuals to be clear of nervous system interference and free to express greater health and wellbeing. Illuminate seeks to support our community in living a holistic lifestyle while empowering people to trust, connect and stay connected to the innate power within.  


The vision of Illuminate Chiropractic & Family Wellness is the evolution of a more conscious and loving planet through the healing of individuals and communities through Chiropractic care. As you heal, the world heals and as you grow brighter, the world brightens. Together, we are lighting up the world.  An illuminated world, begins with you.